The Centre for Business and Organisational Psychology (CBOP) is the largest Australian centre for research that improves our understanding of people at work and the factors that underpin motivation, well-being and effectiveness.

Now more than ever, businesses recognise that people provide the greatest competitive advantage. As the world becomes more connected, it is increasingly important that we understand how people can operate effectively in a changing workplace.

UQ's Centre for Organisational Psychology is at the very forefront of understanding how organisations and practitioners can position themselves to meet future challenges. We provide professional training for postgraduate students as well as collaborating in projects with both public and private sector organisations. Our experts are available for public consultation.

We prepare students and practitioners to leverage psychological knowledge and consulting skills to approach challenges in a novel way now and into the future.

Our graduate programmes develop leading evidence-based practitioners in three domains:

  1. Organisational Consultants with expertise in the application of psychology to business.
    Master of Business Psychology
    An 18-month program for students who are looking to gain advanced organisational psychology and strategic business expertise.
  2. Registered Psychologists with expertise in mental health in the workplace.
    Master of Organisational Psychology 
    A 24-month program for students who are looking to gain advanced organisational and mental health expertise.
  3. PhDs able to provide international leadership in research and practice in business and organisational psychology.
    Doctor of Philosophy in Business and Organisational Psychology 
    A 3-4 year programme of research for students wanting to develop expertise at the frontier of research and knowledge in business and organisational psychology.

Program Director

  • Professor Andrew Neal

Centre Director

  • Dr Kim Peters

Senior Psychologists (Organisational)

  • Emma-Jane Harrison

Postgraduate Administrator - Coursework

  • Rachelle Croton

Academic staff

  • Professor Alex Haslam
  • Professor Andrew Neal
  • Dr Stacey Parker
  • Dr Kim Peters
  • Dr Nik Steffens
  • Dr Courtney von Hippel

Postdoctoral members

  • Dr Timothy Ballard

Postgraduate members

  • Claire Greaves
  • Dr Thomas Norton

Honorary staff

  • Dr Elizabeth Hobman
  • Dr Shayne Loft
  • Dr Alannah Rafferty
  • Dr Gillian Yeo
  • Professor Hannes Zacher

Internship Supervisors

  • Ms Jodee Allanson
  • Ms Shelley Phillips
  • Mr Ed Kelly

Adjunct professional staff

  • Dr Mike Allan
  • Cherie Curtis
  • Dr Danica Hooper
  • Allison McDonald
  • Dr Mel Miller

The Centre for Organisational and Business Psychology
McElwain Building (24A), St Lucia
   +61 7 3365 6409
  +61 7 3365 4466

Centre Director
Dr Kim Peters
   +61 7 3346 9157