The Early Cognitive Development Centre (ECDC) is devoted to studying how babies, toddlers and young children make sense of the world around them.

Our world-renowned research reveals important insights into how children’s cognition develops and changes during those crucial early years of life. Our research findings offer invaluable information for parents, teachers, and clinicians. It is our aim to better understand the world of our society’s youngest members, and in so doing help to make their world a better place.

Working with children is extremely rewarding, but we know it can also be challenging, so we always endeavour to make our studies entertaining and enjoyable for our young participants. We engage with children one-on-one and, while all our studies are different, they usually involve children playing interactive games, watching videos, solving puzzles, or engaging in discussions about actions and events they’ve observed.

We are currently running a number of major government-funded projects, and also support the research of Honours and postgraduate students, who design and carry out smaller-scale projects.

Visit our website to find out more about our research, or to be involved.

Visit the ECDC website for details on the world renowned researchers working on major government-funded projects and supporting the research of Honours and postgraduate students.

The Early Cognitive Development Centre
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