The Parenting and Family Support Centre (PFSC) was established in 1996 as a specialist family intervention research and training facility within the School of Psychology.

The primary aims of the PFSC are program development, research and knowledge transfer to promote the best social, emotional, behavioural and developmental outcomes in children by addressing family and community risk factors known to contribute to adverse child outcomes.

The objectives of the PFSC include:

  1. To improve the lives of families and children.
  2. To create healthy, non-violent, family-friendly communities.
  3. To make high quality, culturally informed, evidence-based parenting programs accessible for all families.
  4. To translate important research findings into policy and practice.

Professor Matt Sanders, Foundation Professor of Parenting Studies and Family Psychology, Strategic Advisor and Founder of Triple P

PFSC staff members are active in national and state professional associations, serving on editorial boards for journals, grant review committees and policy forming bodies. Visit the PFSC website for full details.

The Parenting and Family Support Centre
13 Upland Road, St Lucia
   +61 7 3346 7553
  +61 7 3365 6724

Centre Director
Associate Professor Alina Morawska
   +61 7 336 5730