Students need to be familiar with the University of Queensland’s Assessment Policy. Each School at UQ has guidelines for students to help them understand how the policy relates to their studies. This page details the guidelines for the School of Psychology.

The best preparation for a successful semester is to start your assignments early.  Whilst extensions and deferred exams can help alleviate pressures due to temporary illness or unforeseen circumstances, they should not be relied upon for more significant and ongoing disruptions to study. If you have been ill, or unable to attend class or do any study for more than 14 days, we advise you to carefully consider whether you are capable of successfully completing your courses this semester. You might be eligible to request a Removal of Course.  

There are staff available within the School who can provide advice about how to manage workload, withdrawing from courses, interruptions, modified study plans and similar. Students should monitor their own progress in a course and consider if they will be able to perform at their best. There are several check-in points in the semester where students should seek support if they have queries about their progress including census dates.  

Our number one piece of advice is read the Course Profile and take note of specific course details and rules.