The School of Psychology at the University of Queensland is internationally recognised as a leading teaching and research institution.

International students looking to study psychology at UQ have many options to choose from.

We offer full-degree study, exchange and study abroad opportunities, as well as other international linked degree programs. UQ Psychology warmly welcomes domestic and international undergraduates, postgraduates, and postdoctoral fellows from diverse backgrounds.

Why study Psychology at UQ?

  • Learn from our highly-awarded teaching team
  • Take courses across a broad range of topics in psychology
  • Select from a variety of undergraduate and postgraduate study options
  • Experience our thriving and dynamic student community
  • Benefit from our world-renowned research reputation

What are your study options?

Undergraduate programs:

Postgraduate programs:

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Study abroad at UQ Psychology

We encourage students living outside of Australia to study abroad here at UQ Psychology.

General Applicants

As part of an undergraduate study abroad program at the UQ School of Psychology, you can choose from the full range of topics across our first, second, and third year courses.

Read more in the Study Abroad & Incoming Exchange brochure (PDF, 754KB).

To apply, simply visit the Study Abroad page. If you are interested in postgraduate psychology courses, please contact our postgraduate coursework administrator.

Arranged Programs

The UQ School of Psychology has arranged study abroad programs with three international universities. Students from these universities can select from our coursework list, as well as our research practicum course.

  • Princeton University
  • University of Southern California
  • Washington University

Overseas experiences for UQ Psychology students

For UQ Psychology students looking to study overseas, please visit the UQ Abroad website.

If you are interested in other international opportunities and experiences, we recommend visiting the UQ International website.

Linked degree program

UQ Psychology offers linked degree programs, which involve ongoing partnership agreements between two overseas universities: Chulalongkorn University (Thailand) and The University of Indonesia. Our linked degree program allows students to meet the requirements of a Bachelor of Arts (majoring in psychology) at both universities. Study is split so that students spend half their time between UQ and the linked university of their choice.

Thailand – Chulalongkorn University

Chulalongkorn Uni logoChulalongkorn University, Thailand, has had a strong relationship with the University of Queensland, Australia, since 2008. As a result of joint collaborations, Chulalongkorn University and the University of Queensland have developed an innovative 4-year program of Psychology studies, our Joint International Psychology Program (JIPP). Students admitted to JIPP spend their first 4 semesters of study at Chulalongkorn University, 3 semesters at the University of Queensland and their final semester at Chulalongkorn University. Upon completion of 8 semesters at these two prestigious universities, JIPP students earn a UQ BA (Psychology) and a Chula BSc (Psychology). The program offers International Tuition Fee scholarships to meritorious students. To date, we have graduated 80 students who have gone on to professional and research training globally, including Thailand, UK, US and Australia. We maintain strong connections with our JIPP alumni and have developed an active JIPP alumni community.

Indonesia – Universitas Indonesia

Universitas Indonesia logoFakultas Psikologi, Universitas Indonesia, has had a strong relationship with the University of Queensland for close to two decades. In 2000, Universitas Indonesia and the University of Queensland commenced the Universitas Indonesia - University of Queensland linked program, an innovative joint Psychology program. Students admitted to our linked program complete two years of study in Fakultas Psikologi (UI) followed by two years of study in the School of Psychology (UQ). Integration of curricula allows students to jointly earn a UQ BA (Psychology) and an UI Sarjana Psikologi. The program offers an International Tuition Fee scholarship to meritorious students. To date, UI and UQ have graduated over 250 students who have gone on to professional and research training globally, including Indonesia, the UK, Netherlands, the US and Australia. We maintain strong, active connections with our UI-UQ alumni long after students have returned home. Our alumni call Brisbane their second home and many visit the school and UQ on a regular basis.


Meg Cridland
International Student Support Officer
School of Psychology, University of Queensland
+61 7 3346 9019
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Advanced standing program

We have arrangements with the following partner institutions, allowing eligible students to commence in our Bachelor of Psychological Science (Honours) program in either Semester 1 (February) or Semester 2 (July):




Please contact Chloe Lee with enquiries regarding advanced standing and eligibility.

What our international students say

Su Jin Lim, Malaysia – Bachelor of Psychological Science

Su Jin Lim“I chose UQ as it has a large Psychology faculty with so many experienced academics from all over the world. I was also really attracted to UQ's beautiful architecture and lush green surroundings, especially with the Brisbane River meandering around it. Not every university can offer its students such beautiful surroundings. I loved how UQ has provided so much student support. As an international student, it is comforting to know that I can depend on my university to provide me with legal advice for things such as rental contracts. Also, having events organised by UQ's student union such as the ‘Roller Rink’ and the ‘Stress Less Week’ has definitely enriched my learning experience here at UQ.

I would definitely recommend the Bachelor of Psychological Science degree. The program is well structure, and it covers every discipline of psychology out there, from evolutionary psychology, to abnormal psychology. It's a great way to get a taste of what is available out there, and help decide what you'd like to specialise in.”

Sarah Teo, Singapore – Doctor of Psychology

Sarah Teo“With UQ’s reputation as a world-class university, I believe that the Doctorate of Clinical Psychology program will provide me with top-rank professional training to become a competent clinical psychologist. I have enjoyed the high quality of education in the program, as well as excellent campus facilities and services. On placements I get to put what I have learnt from lectures and tutorials into clinical practice. I get to interact with different professionals and learn how to work in a multidisciplinary team. I would definitely recommend the Doctor of Psychology. The rigour in the program and emphasis on competency prepares you for clinical practice. Moreover, the support and passion exuded by the clinical team contribute to a positive learning experience.

Having grown up in a city, the best thing about living in Brisbane is being close to nature. Ferry rides down the Brisbane River, rock climbing at Kangaroo Point Cliffs, hiking at the nature parks constantly keep me in awe. In winter we can still enjoy the sunshine with the cool climate.”

Nicholas Lim, Singapore – Bachelor of Arts (psychology major)

Nicholas Lim“The culture at UQ was very inclusive. International students were very welcomed and the spirit of professionalism, quality education and unity in diversity were very strong. Since completing the Bachelors of Arts in Psychology at UQ, I have gone onto postgraduate study to become a Developmental Psychologist. Just by being overseas and being in a reputed University like UQ, opened many doors for me, including entry into the Masters programme at one of our prestigious Universities in Singapore - the National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University.

Currently, I am the Director for Development, Education and Youth at Emergenetics International - Asia Pacific (EGI-A). I am also the Principal Psychologist of the company in Asia Pacific. My responsibilities include building the business in Asia Pacific, with a focus in education and youth; systemically educating individuals on how they can achieve mental wellness; designing and developing application tools; and giving youths, and those who work with them, the skills and strategies to help them gain success and happiness.”

Grace Sameve, Indonesia – Bachelor of Arts (psychology major)

Grace Sameve“I came to UQ to obtain as much knowledge as possible that would enable me to help improve Indonesian children’s early development and welfare. While UQ’s excellent courses and research projects equipped me with an ample amount of knowledge for my career aspirations, its supportive environmnet also fostered my growth as an individual. The outstanding, passion-driven staff and students inspired and boosted my confidence to continue crafting, believing and working hard to make my dreams come true. Additionally, several on-campus employment opportunities not only exposed me to real, practical work experiences, but also to the satisfaction of working in children-related fields.

After two wonderful years at UQ, I had the opportunity to pursue a Masters degree in Developmental Psychology at Columbia University in New York City. Now, back in my home country, I am trying to make meaningful contributions, in both public and private sectors, that will benefit and improve Indonesian children’s development and welfare.”

Tan Yi Bao, Singapore – Bachelor of Psychological Science

Tan Yi Bao“UQ’s School of Psychology has been ranked in the top 25 in the world for the past few years. UQ has a beautiful campus too, especially the lecture theatre that overlooks the lakes. The environment at UQ is really conducive and encouraging. During the examination period there are complimentary snacks, and there are always social activities, such as the Winter Carnival in semester 2. The Psychology Students' Association arrange lots of events, including puppy petting sessions! The Psychology Student Support Tutors help with advice on assignments, and exam tips. There are hands-on research opportunities – as a participant in honours students’ research studies, and as a lab assistant to researchers. The third-year subject Psychopathology teaches about mental disorders, with guest speakers who talk about their own experiences of living with mental disorders.

I have been able to step out of my comfort zone, becoming the Head of Events for The University of Queensland Singapore Students' Society (UQSSS). I've become a better multi-tasker, learning to juggle my studies with the UQSSS responsibilities and manage the 22 enthusiastic individuals in my team. Through UQSSS, I felt less homesick as we celebrate National Day together and experience a home away from home, while also spreading the Singapore culture to other nationalities.”

Zaylea Zhong Jie Kua, Singapore – Master of Clinical Psychology

Zaylea Zhong Jie Kua“I enjoy studying in a multinational and multicultural environment like UQ. The ability to meet people from different nationalities and to exchange ideas and interests with them allows me to broaden my perspectives to different ways of studying and living. There are so many beautiful and open spaces in UQ to hang out with friends over lunch and I truly enjoy the ability to take a break from my studies while still being in the university.

For any aspiring Clinical Psychologists, I would absolutely recommend my degree to others. I have never met teaching and administrative staff as supportive, kind and amicable as those in the School of Psychology at UQ. Without their constant validation and encouragement, I am certain that I would have never been able to get through the demands of the degree. Come to UQ without any expectations. Be curious, be courageous, take risks and at every turn and with everyone you meet, you will find a valuable learning opportunity.”

Yasmin Larasati – Bachelor of Arts (psychology major)