The University of Queensland’s Centre for Perception and Cognitive Neuroscience (CPCN) is a catalyst for excellence in perceptual and cognitive neuroscience research in South East Queensland, Australia.

Housed in the School of Psychology, the CPCN is an interdisciplinary research centre housed in the School of Psychology. 

All members of the CPCN are engaged in cutting edge research covering diverse topics including attention, perception, consciousness, language, learning and memory, emotion, action, genetics and neurological pathology. The centre employs a range of research methods including behavioural, psychophysical, electrophysiological (EEG), transcranial stimulation (TMS), and brain imaging (fMRI) to provide converging evidence to investigate the links between the brain, cognition and behaviour.

The centre provides world-class graduate training, providing students with opportunities to conduct independent and collaborative research using state-of-the-art techniques and facilities. CPCN also is involved in the University of Queensland’s Summer and Winter Research Scholarship program, providing hands-on research internships for high-achieving undergraduate students from Australia and around the world.

Principal Investigators

  • Associate Professor Derek Arnold
  • Professor Ross Cunnington
  • Associate Professor Paul Dux
  • Dr Philip Grove
  • Professor Jason Mattingley
  • Emeritus Professor Roger Remington


  • Dr Guy Wallis
  • Associate Professor Timothy Carrol
  • Dr Mark Chappell
  • Dr Trevor Hine

Research Fellows

  • Dr Oliver Baumann
  • Associate Professor Stefanie Becker
  • Jeffery Bednark
  • Dr Hannah Filmer
  • Dr Natasha Matthews
  • Martin Sale

PhD students

  • Baptiste Couvy-Duchesne
  • Belinda Craig
  • Nonie Finlayson
  • Samuel Hansen
  • Oscar Jacoby
  • Fika Karnadewi
  • Paul Miller
  • Claire Naughtin
  • Dr David Painter
  • Simandeep Poonian
  • Warrick Roseboom
  • Dana Schneider
  • Benjamin Sinclair
  • Katherine Storrs
  • Harrison Vieth
  • Dr Joyce Vromen
  • Ruth Young

The Centre for Perception and Cognitive Neuroscience
McElwain Building (24A), St Lucia
   +61 7 3365 6203
  +61 7 3365 4466

Centre Director
Associate Professor Derek Arnold
   +61 7 3365 6203