The University of Queensland’s Centre for Perception and Cognitive Neuroscience (CPCN) is a catalyst for excellence in perceptual and cognitive neuroscience research in South East Queensland, Australia.

The CPCN is an interdisciplinary research centre housed in the School of Psychology. Our research employs a wide range of methods including behavioural studies, psychophysics, mathematical modelling, electroencephalography (EEG), transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS), transcranial direct-current stimulation (tDCS), as well as funcational magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI). An overarching goal of the CPCN is to uncover and understand the links between brain, cognition and behaviour.

Researchers within the centre are engaged in cutting edge work in diverse fields including attention, perception, consciousness, language, learning, memory, emotion, action, genetics, and neurological pathology. The centre provides world-class graduate training, granting students opportunities to conduct independent and collaborative research using state-of-the-art techniques and facilities. The CPCN is also involved in the University of Queensland’s Summer and Winter Research Scholarship programs, which provides hands-on research opportunities for high-achieving undergraduate students from within Australia and from around the world.


Associate Professor Derek Arnold
Associate Professor Stefanie Becker
Honorary Associate Professor Jenny Burt
Professor Timothy Carroll
Professor Ross Cunnington
Professor Paul Dux
Dr Phillip Grove
Professor Mark Horswill
Emeritus Professor Mike Humphreys
Associate Professor Ada Kritikos
Professor Ottmar Lipp
Dr Natasha Matthews
Professor Jason Mattingley
Associate Professor Alan Pegna
Emeritus Professor Roger Remington
Dr David Sewell
Associate Professor Guy Wallis

Research Fellows

Dr Claire Bradley
Dr Hannah Filmer
Dr Michelle Hall
Dr Brendan Keane
Dr Li-Ann Leow
Dr David Lloyd
Dr Dragan Rangelov
Dr Eva-Maria Reuter

Postgraduate Students

Deanna Anderlini
Kirsty Beattie
Megan Campbell
Jenny Day
Neha Dhupia
Rechu Divakar
Shane Erhardt
Luke French
Regan Gallagher
Cameron Gyss
Fletcher Hammond
Sam Hansen
Ashleigh Harrold
Luke Hearne
Wiremu Hohaia
Kristina Horne
Jack Leggett
Marge Maallo
Jessica McFadyen
Logan McIntosh
Morgan McIntyre
Ryan Metcalfe
Paul Miller
Ben Miller-Mills
Aisling Mulvihill
Abbey Nydam
Shari O’Brien
Angela Renton
Blake Saurels
Cooper Smout
Sam Sparks
Si Jing Tan
Susan Travis
Ashleigh Vella
Lisa Wittenhagen
Mick Zeljko

The Centre for Perception and Cognitive Neuroscience
McElwain Building (24A), St Lucia
   +61 7 3365 6203
  +61 7 3365 4466

Centre Director
Associate Professor Stefanie Becker
   +61 449 883 870