Researcher biography

I am an organisational psychologist who researches, teaches, and also consults with public- and private-sector organisations on a range of topics related to the psychology of work. My consulting projects have included tackling issues with personnel selection, training and development, career development, work (re)design, change management,​ and operational safety. Through this work, I aim to help organisations and their employees devise new strategies to carefully balance being productive and healthy.

I completed my PhD in 2012 and joined the UQ School of Psychology in 2013, following a postdoctoral research position at QUT School of Management. My research focuses on occupational health psychology and work motivation. Topics I study include, but are not limited to: the moment-to-moment physiological impact of work stress (i.e., on cortisol levels, heart rate variability); how employees manage their energy during the work day; how employees recover from work stress in off-the-job time; how jobs and careers can be designed to maximise well-being, motivation, and performance; and I also explore the 'hidden costs' of performance-based pay and compensation systems.