Members of the Centre for Research in Social Psychology (CRISP) conduct basic and applied research on many topics in social psychology.

The Centre was formally established in 1995 within the School of Psychology as the Centre for Research in Group Processes (changing its name to CRiSP in 2010). 

Researchers use a diversity of approaches ranging from the study of interacting small groups or communication styles in dyads to social cognition and social neuroscience.

The Centre coordinates the international and intra-national exchange of scholars and graduate students, and runs a social psychology seminar series with a key event, the annual Brisbane Symposium on Self and Identity (BSSI). The Centre also includes several postdoctoral fellows and more than 40 PhD students.

The objectives of CRISP include:

  1. To conduct programs of basic and applied research funded by external grants.
  2. To disseminate research findings and theoretical developments through the publication of scientific books, chapters and articles, as well as working papers, research reports, popular publications, and conference presentations.
  3. To act as a centre for graduate training and engage in formal student exchanges with centres elsewhere.
  4. To act as a focus and destination for postdoctoral researchers and for sabbatical visitors.
  5. To provide public education by informing the media and by conducting seminar series and workshops.
  6. To be available to business and government on a consultancy basis, to conduct research and to advise on policy and planning.
  7. To host and organise scientific conferences and workshops, and symposia at conferences, both overseas and locally.


  • Dr Fiona Barlow

Staff members

  • Dr Renata Bongiorno
  • Dr Tegan Cruwys
  • Dr Katharine Greenaway
  • Professor Alex Haslam
  • Professor Matthew Hornsey
  • Professor Jolanda Jetten
  • Professor Winnifred Louis
  • Professor Barbara Masser
  • Associate Professor Blake McKimmie
  • Dr Nicole Nelson
  • Dr Kim Peters
  • Dr Nik Steffens
  • Dr Eric Vanman
  • Professor Bill von Hippel
  • Dr Courtney von Hippel
  • Associate Professor Bernadette Watson

The Centre for Research in Social Psychology
McElwain Building (24A), St Lucia
   +61 7 3365 6354
  +61 7 3365 4466

Centre Director
Dr Fiona Barlow
   +61 7 3365 6354