Members of the Centre for Psychology and Evolution (CPE) use evolutionary theory to guide research in many areas of psychology ranging from comparative, developmental, and social psychology, to behavioural genetics and neuroscience.

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The CPE formed in 2007 and was formally established in 2017 as a Centre within the School of Psychology.

CPE researchers use varied approaches including experiments with apes and children, social experiments with adults, large-scale study of twins and DNA markers, and analysis of structural and functional brain scans.

The Centre runs a fortnightly meeting where members discuss a notable paper in the field or a member’s own in-progress work, and it will also hold an annual conference and retreat.

CPE comprises faculty staff, postdoctoral fellows, and more than thirty PhD and Honours students.

The Centre for Psychology and Evolution
McElwain Building (24A), St Lucia
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Centre Director
Dr Brendan Zietsch
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