The Attention and Control Laboratory is a cognitive neuroscience research group studying attention, training, cognitive control, theory of mind, and task performance using behavioural and neuroimaging techniques.

The Attention and Control Laboratory is lead by Professor Paul E. Dux and Dr. Hannah Filmer. The group has a special interest in understanding the mechanisms of attention and executive function and the efficacy and neural basis of cognitive training/learning. The team employs psychophysics, modeling, brain stimulation and brain imaging approaches and applies this work to health, military and education settings. The lab is funded by the Australia Research Council (ARC), National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) and Defence (HPRNET and AUSMURI).

If you are interested in working in the lab as a research assistant, honours student, PhD student or postdoctoral fellow, please contact Professor Dux or Dr Filmer.

Principal Investigator

  • Professor Paul Dux
  • Dr Hannah Filmer

Postdoctoral Fellows

  • Dr. Claire Bradley
  • Dr. Li-Ann Leow

Senior research scienctists

  • Dr David Lloyd

Graduate students

  • Shane Ehrhardt
  • Andrew Kennedy
  • Yohan Wards
  • Amaya Fox
  • Nick Willmot
  • Tara Rasmussen
  • Athena Stein
  • Matilda Gordon
  • Kali Chidley
  • Kara Parsons
  • Joshua Sabio

Research Assistants

  • Chantal Li

Senior scientists at large

  • Dr. Claire Naughtin, PhD
  • Dr. Michelle Hall, PhD

Honours students

  • Samantha Bowers
  • Jiaqin Jiang
  • Brianna Rafferty
  • Yuhan Zhang

The Attention and Control Laboratory
The Attention and Control Laboratory
McElwain Building (24A), St Lucia
   +61 7 3365 6885
  +61 7 3365 4466

Program Coordinators
Professor Paul E. Dux

Dr Hannah Filmer