A Visiting Academic is an employee of an overseas institution who arranges to visit UQ, for a duration of at least four weeks, with the intention of contributing or sharing research knowledge, by way of collaborative involvement in a research project or guest lecturing.

A visiting academic appointment is an unpaid appointment as the salary is usually still paid by the academic’s home institution. The School of Psychology typically does not meet visitors’ expenses.  

Visiting Academic entitlements and expectations

Visiting Academics will be entitled to the following:

  • a University identification card (to access library and rooms)
  • library access
  • shared office space/computers (with other visiting academics)
  • access to School research seminars
  • IT logins and an email account

Visiting Academics may be asked to present a seminar at the school’s research seminar series. They may also wish to deliver guest lectures (on an unpaid basis).

Preparing for your visit

Download the Visitor Information Kit

The Guide provides important information to help you plan your stay in Brisbane, while visiting the UQ School of Psychology.