Honours in psychology is either taken in the fourth year of the Bachelor of Psychological Science (Honours) (BPsySc(Hons)) or offered as a one-year full-time (two-year part-time) postgraduate qualification in the Bachelor of Arts (Honours) (BA(Hons)) and Bachelor of Science (Honours) (BSc(Hons)).

These qualifications are accredited by the Australian Psychological Accreditation Council (APAC), so graduates can apply for provisional registration as a psychologist with the Psychology Board of Australia (PsyBA).

Although the fourth-year program in psychology is offered as a part-time program, there are no timetabling provisions for "evening-only" attendance (i.e., regular attendance during normal university hours is expected).

Applications for BA(Hons) and BSc(Hons) in Psychology close on 31 October. Visit the application details page for more information.


Bachelor of Psychological Science (Honours)

The BPsySc(Hons) honours fourth year is identical to the postgraduate honours programs in the BA(Hons) and the BSc(Hons). Entry into the individual thesis is determined by GPA.

If you do not wish to undertake an individual honours project or do not meet the GPA requirement, you will undertake the group thesis. In the group supervised thesis, you will collect the data in a group project and then write your own individual thesis.

All students in the BPsySc(Hons), whether in individual or group thesis, graduate upon completion with a class of honours determined by weighted GPA across fourth year courses only.

Find out more about the Bachelor of Psychological Science (Honours) on the UQ Future Students website.


Bachelor of Behavioural Science

Students in the Bachelor of Psychological Science (Honours) who do not wish to complete the fourth year may elect to graduate after three years of study with a Bachelor of Behavioural Science. Depending on GPA, graduates with this degree will be eligible to apply for fourth year psychology programs at other universities. Graduates can also apply for a range of postgraduate study options outside of psychology.


Bachelor of Arts (Honours) and Bachelor of Science (Honours)

The BA(Hons) in the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences and BSc(Hons) in the Faculty of Science are only available to students who have completed the extended major in psychology and who meet the GPA requirements. Students graduate upon completion with a class of honours determined by weighted GPA.


Career options

Completing honours in Psychology can lead to various career pathways including provisional registration, supervised practice, or further psychology postgraduate study.

There are other study options after third year for BA and BSc students who have majored in Psychology, including:

For more information regarding career options in psychology and maximising employability visit our careers and employment section.


What our​ students say

Martin Henrion"I Completed a Bachelor of Science with Honours in Psychology. I love people and have always been fascinated with what drives us to behave and interact in certain ways, so I thought I’m going to study something I’m interested in on a personal level. I wasn’t certain where it would take me but I knew it was something I wanted to learn about. I choose UQ to complete my degree because I was aware of UQ’s reputation as a world class university. I’m glad that I did study psychology at UQ. I was pleased with my choice because of the quality of the teaching staff and course offerings, both of which were fantastic. The course offerings were good and the content was engaging and well delivered by teaching staff who were very skilled in communicating their knowledge, which made learning all the more enjoyable." Martin Henrion


Need help?

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