Researcher biography

Dr. Sarah Coundouris was awarded her PhD in May 2022. Her work appears in top tier journals that include Psychological Bulletin, Neuroscience and Biobehavioral Reviews, Computers in Human Behavior, and British Journal of Clinical Psychology. Her early work focused primarily on the cognitive changes associated with Parkinson’s disease, with her more recent research focusing on cognition in the context of normal adult ageing. Sarah is particularly interested in social cognition, which broadly refers to our capacity to perceive and interpret social information, and prospection, which is the capacity to envisage, think about, and prepare for the future. Sarah is currently supervising several Honours and postgraduate students.

Sarah is currently employed as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow on an ARC funded Linkage Project led by Professor Julie Henry (ARC Future Fellow, UQ), Dr. Sarah Grainger (DECRA Fellow, UQ), Professor Ruth Hubbard (Masonic Chair of Geriatric Medicine, UQ), and Associate Professor Eric Vanman (UQ). A key focus of this project is to test how age-related changes in social cognition influence resilience and risk for social frailty.