Researcher biography

Dominique is an industry-funded Lives Lived Well Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the School of Psychology, University of Queensland. Dominique completed a Bachelor of Arts with a double major in Psychology at University of Queensland in 2000. She went on to complete Honours in Criminology and Criminal Justice at Griffith University in 2002. In October 2011, she was awarded a PhD in Criminology from Griffith University. Her thesis focused on the physical, social and environmental factors related to alcohol-driven crime, violence and injuries in Surfers Paradise entertainment district. Dominique has over 15 years of research experience in government and academic roles, with a heavy focus on the drivers and outcomes of substance misuse and offending behaviour in high risk (typically young) populations, and high risk settings; and the development and evaluation of individual and community-based interventions. She has extensive experience working with justice and health data, linking agency datasets together to conduct comprehensive and sophisticated analyses that respond to pressing, criminal justice and public health policy–relevant issues. In her current role, Dominique is assisting Lives Lived Well staff in developing evidence-based best practice drug and alcohol treatment models in residential and correctional settings.