Researcher biography

I am primarily an emotion researcher. I am particularly interested in empathic responses, and the construct of empathy (Affective arousal, Affective perspective taking, and Empathic concern / Motivated empathy).

I am also very interested in how specific patterns of social media usage by ourselves and those we connect with, impact our empathic responses, and overall emotional state.

I use several methods to research emotional responses, including eye-tracking, which can reveal how eye-gaze patterns to faces may relate to the quality of social interaction.

I am keen to work with highly motivated students who are generally interested in emotion research, eye-tracking, or are interested in the emotional impact of social media use.

In 2019 I will have some broad thesis project topics related to my areas of research. These topics may include "The impact of Ghosting", and further research into Negative Behaviour Online.

If any of this interests you, and you'd like to meet to discuss, feel free to email me at