Researcher biography

I'm a Professor of Cognitive Science in the School of Psychology at The University of Queensland.

I spend most of my time investigating the cognitive processes involved in learning new skills. For example, we've been working closely with policing and security agencies to help experts interpret evidence more effectively and reduce the amount of time that it takes to train examiners. I take great pleasure in working across multiple domains from basic visual processes to high level decision making, misinformation, and insight moments.

I received a BASc in Philosophy and Psychology from The University of Lethbridge, in Alberta, Canada where I grew up, and a PhD in Psychology from McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, before moving to Sydney in 2004 for a postdoctoral fellowship at UNSW, and joined The University of Queensland in 2006.

I work with some outstanding collaborators, and I have been fortunate to have many wonderful honours and PhD students in my lab.