Researcher biography

Divna completed her PhD at the Unviersity of Queensland in 2009. She is is a research fellow and Head of International Research Development at the Parenting and Family Support Centre located in the School of Psychology. Her research focuses on the of prevention the development of social-emotional and behaviour problems in children through through delivery of evidence-based interventions. Within this she has two primary research areas. First she is interested in issues relating to the work-family interface and reducing stress and conflict in employeed parents. She is the author of the Workplace Triple P Program, which aims to reduce work-family conflict in working parents. Secondly, she is interested in research related to the relevance, cultural acceptability and effectiveness of evidence-based parenting interventions in low and middle income countries with a focus on how dissemination of evidence-based parenting interventions can be used to reduce child maltreatment and improve child development in low resource settings.

In addition to her research Divna is a registered clinical psychologist with experience in hospital and private practice settings. She is an accreditated Triple P trainer and has conducted training in many countries internationally as well as providing implementation consultation to governments and agencies in Canada, Ireland, Hong Kong, England and The Netherlands. As a clinical psychologist with a research expertise in parentng and family therapy she is frequently called upon by local and national media as an expert consultant. She is chair of the Triple P Research Network, an international body of parenting and family researchers researchers.