This session will cover UQ policies on plagiarism, collusion and cheating. It will show how best to present and cite the works of others in your writing. It will show you what not to do and how a simple matter of talking to your friends about your assignment can land you into trouble.

About International Student Support Program

The International Student Support Program (ISSP) has been put together by the UQ School of Psychology to assist our international students with settling into university in Australia – academically, culturally and socially.

All of our international psychology students are invited to take advantage of the different sessions and activities on offer so that they can get the best out of their studies at UQ.

By participating in this program, students will meet and get to know other students (both Australian and international from a range of different countries), as well as academic and professional staff, the Psychology Students’ Association (PSA) and the Psychology Student Support Tutors (PSST)

The sessions are an opportunity to make life-long friends, and to quickly learn the important differences between studying in Australia and another country. 

All the sessions in the program are designed to set our international students up for success in their studies and beyond.