Researcher biography

Catherine holds an industry funded Lives Lived Well Research Fellowship at the School of Psychology, University of Queensland, and is also a registered clinical psychologist. Catherine has over ten years experience in school-based research focused on bullying, alcohol use, wellbeing and mental health among young people. She also has clinical experience working with children and young people in community and acute care settings. In her current role, Catherine is closely working with Lives Lived Well staff, implementing a cohort analytic trial within residential treatment, examining Grit, strength-based wellbeing focused group intervention in residential settings; as well as conducting a randomized control implementation trial for Quikfix, a brief intervention for 16-25 year olds targeting alcohol, cannabis and methamphetamines. She has also conducted pilot prevention trials with RedFrogs to reduce substance use and improve mental health and wellbeing at Schoolies, and is undertaking a six year longitundinal study, Adolescent Aware, with over 2000 Grade 7 and 8 students (now Grade 11 and 12), from over 10 schools across South-East Queensland, investigating a range of social cognitive factors, as well as sleep, technology, diet, peer and personality factors, that underlie youth substance use, bullying, wellbeing and mental health.